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"Lovely Buttons was so fun and sooooooooooooooooo easy to work with, and the kids just adored her! We can't wait to have her back again."
Burton Barr Library staff, Phoenix Arizona 

Entertaining and having fun is what clowning is all about. Here's a fun little skit that my friend and I made up and performed in Florida at the SECA convention several years ago. It is so much fun to CLOWN! 

Side note: Since these videos are on You Tube, I do not have control over what videos come up on You Tube after my video is done playing. Use caution when letting small children watch You Tube please. 

"Julie Varholdt is a VERY funny lady! With her wild and wacky blend of Carol Burnett, Gilda Radner and Imagene Cocoa. She's imaginative, original, and a very creative lady! She's a hoot for kids of ages 1 to 105!"  Norm Barnhart, Minneapolis Minnesota 

 "She always has the most amazing and creative costumes! No matter what your event she always comes prepared no matter the situation. And gives you 200% of herself." 


City of Surprise 

Video on how to apply Tramp/Hobo makeup coming soon. 

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"Miss Beulah Pearl was a hit at our clown convention. The first time I saw her I thought she was fascinating and extremely funny! Cleaver and enjoyable are just a few of the characteristics that Julie conveys in this character. She keeps you on the edge of your seat laughing."  Vince McCann, South East Clown Association Board, Jacksonville Florida

Testimonials, Training Videos and More

So now you want to be a clown yourself? What better place to learn then from a REAL clown. Here are a series of teaching videos to show you how to put on clown make up THE RIGHT WAY!! Clowning is an art and I can help you get started on learning how to apply Auguste clown makeup. 

It's so hard to put into words what joy Julie brings to our patients...........Most children in the hospital do not have much to smile about, unless they are receiving a visit from Lovely Buttons!  Lovely Buttons is so creative and funny!  She knows how to bring joy and laughter not only to our patients but to our staff as well.  We are so fortunate to have her as part of our team at Arizona Children's Center at Maricopa Medical Center.  
Kyla Mohney, BS, CCLS
Child Life Coordinator
Arizona Children’s Center at Maricopa Medical Center 

Video on how to apply Classic Whiteface makeup tutorial  is coming soon. 

This is a White Face Clown makeup tutorial. The White Face Clown can be funny or elegant. This tutorial is for teaching purposes only. But has some very good points wether it's just for fun or if you are going to compete in a clown competition. 

The Thumbnails are terrible but I can't change them, so ignore my lovely nostrils! 

Remember if you're going to learn how to apply clown makeup, PRACTICE!!! The end result of this video is an adorable White Face Clown. :O)