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Library Shows

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Educational Shows 

    Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages.... Let me introduce myself; I am Julie Varholdt, also known as "Lovely Buttons" the clown. I am a family entertainer who has been entertaining here in the greater Phoenix Arizona area since 1992. I bring UNIQUE and FUN programs to libraries and schools all across our great state of Arizona. I really do!"
      Performing at School and Library shows is one of Julie's favorite things to do. She has a series of one of a kind informative presentations geared for preschools, K - 5th grades and 6th - 12th grade groups to choose from. 

School Shows

Library shows are approximately 45/50 minutes each

Book 1 - 2 shows on one contract: $175.00 per show
Book 3 shows on one contract: $150 per visit
Book 6 + shows on one contract: $135 per visit
Book back to back shows at your facility and get $10 off per show!
I know libraries are on very tight budgets and I want to help bring quality programs to your library at an affordable rate. These are some great ways to save more money on what could be one of the best programs you have at your library all summer. 
Call early for best available dates and times. My calendar is filling up fast! Feel free to call or email me and I will help schedule your date and answer any questions you may have. Mileage and lodging charges apply to areas outside of the Phoenix Metro area. Call early for best prices and availability.

 Your budget and board will Thank You!!

 Julie "Lovely Buttons" Varholdt

 Office  480-838-7781
 (Arizona time)

I have hundreds of Library and School show photos in my photo albums. But here are just a few so you can see just how much FUN we really do have! 

What better testimonial then these lovely faces having FUN with me during my shows!

  Lovely Buttons Library Summer Reading Program fits the theme of the year. Her uniques shows are filled with laughter and fun for memories to last a lifetime. 

In 2019 she will take you to the outer reaches of our galaxy with  her Take Me to Your Reader show.  

Explore the final frontier of space as Lovely Buttons takes you on an epic journey as we warp driveout of this world and into the clowning world of space and stars. We will teleport an extraterrestrial puppet or two from the clowning void of space and beam up some silly space magic as we warp drive into FUN!
A huge galaxy of fun and laughter will appear in our portal when we rocket into the many space books of your library and make a landing on an asteroid of memories and fun for your library patrons.
An out of this world show that will have your little astronautsbeaming up armloads of books back to their home base. May the force be with your library, so book your flight early to log into your space flight of FUN and memories.

Join Lovely Buttons in an out of this world show that will have your little astronauts beaming up armloads of books as we make a landing on an extraterrestrial world of fun and laughter into a galaxy not so far, far away. Take me to your readers!

A comedy program for kids 3 to 103 that will take your imagination on an epic journey with silly clown magic, puppets and FUN!

Her program fits the libraries themes and will take your patrons on a 45/50 minute journey with Lovely Buttons and back to reality and then to the amazing shelves of your local library where incredible and silly things can and will happen….. Guaranteed!
The kids will laugh as they see audience members assist her with hilarious clown antics and silly ways to make reading FUN! They will go wild as we make items appear from the pages of her magical books and be mesmerized from the stories that her Great Great Great Grandpa used to tell her. Who knows maybe one of her silly puppets will pop up too. They will experience 45/50 minutes of non stop comedy, fun, audience participation, storytelling and one of a kind adventures that will keep your patrons coming back to your library over and over again for more armloads of books.

The most important part is the message that that is woven throughout my entire show is


Library prices are listed below when you scroll down. Talk to your library neighbors, there's several ways to save if your library books more than one show.  Another amazing fact that's good to know; her prices have not gone up in over 18 years.

She brings one of a kind interactive backdrops and a beautiful sound system. 

Contact Julie early for best available dates and times. 

Here's a FUN short clip from one of the Phoenix libraries a few years ago. 

Here's two fun pictures from her Circus Show she performs each year for Glendale and Scottsdale preschools. 

     Julie is a very creative artist who also designs and builds all her One of a Kind Interactive backdrops and props to suit the occasion and/or theme of her shows. She also has her own sound system and comes ready to set up without YOU ever lifting a finger. And she's one of the easiest performers to work with.

No Diva here!
Contact Julie for a list of her shows, prices and availability. Book early for best availability. 

School and Preschool shows are at the top of the list for FUN things to do for entertainment. Julie entertains all over Arizona at many, many daycares, preschools and schools. For a price quote please click HERE and it will take you right to her email.  Or give her a call and hear her fun and exciting entertainment ideas that will keep your kids happy for hours.  

Do you have a theme for that special party of the year; maybe a Silly Clown Show, a Circus Show, a Pirate Show, a Cowboy Show, you name it and I'm sure she has performed it. Whatever the theme she has a backdrop for it, and an amazing sound system also. The kids are guaranteed to have fun and so is the staff. Remember I can turn a frown from upside down in 5 seconds flat! 

Please contact Julie for a price quote.

And the more shows you book, the more money you save. Call or email Lovely Buttons Productions for Preschool or Daycare rates. 

Julie  has had the privilege of being an Arizona Commission of the Arts Roster Artist. She has met some amazing people and touched many lives while traveling and performing to schools and libraries all across Arizona. Contact Julie.