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Keep Calm and Clown on 
Prices start at $15 for adult  T-shirt sizes S, M, L, XL plus shipping cost.
$18-$22 for adult T-shirt sizes XL2, XL3, XL4, XL5 plus shipping cost.

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My FUN and Useful Products!

These adorable and one of a kind rocks are all hand painted my Julie herself. No two are exactly alike..... it's impossible, they're rocks! Each rock is about 1 to 2 inches big, long, know what I mean. Some sit up and others lay down. They all fit perfectly in your hand and in your heart. They even come with their own Instruction Manual so you know how to take care of them and how to teach them tricks, such as "sit" and "stay".
If you would like to be the proud owner of one of these precious Clown Rocks
email meor call me at 480-838-7781 (AZ Time zone) and we will find you your perfect Pet Clown Rock

From T-shirts to CD's, DVD's Books and more......... Check it out, there is probably something here you can't live without. :O)


Short Sleeve in Gold or Silver design
Sizes S - XL $25 each plus shipping    2XL $28   3XL or 4XL $30 plus shipping
Long Sleeve Gold or Silver design
Sizes S -XL $32 each plus shipping   2XL $35      3XL  4XL  $37 plus shipping
For Special orders or men's RHINESTONE shirts contact Julie directly at
Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.
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I now can also accept Pay Pal and credit cards. Please email me for this.  

Cafe Press Designs
These designs are all mine that I created way back in 2005. What you do is click on the URL under the shirt you want and it will go directly to the Cafe Press web site. They take care of everything from there. You can pick any design then pick what you want it printed on. A T-shirt, a baby bib, clock, school bag, dog outfit, mug.... the list goes on and on. 

Pet Clown Rocks
Yes you read that right! She's done it again!!!

Every clown needs their own Pet Clown Rock. Every rock is different and has it's own personality. Choose the one that fits your clown personality.

I have almost 30 different T-shirt designs that I have designed and now sell.
I'm the original creator of the
To check out my other designs scroll down below.
You can order this shirt directly from Julie by emailing me at or click in this link to download the order form. 

My Entertainer's Record KeeperTM system is an easy way to keep track of your entertainment costs and intake. This book is designed to help simplify your entertainment record keeping.

If you follow through with each month properly, when your year is through you will be able to look at the last few columns in December and know EXACTLY how much you made that year, your spending costs, what you bought, where you entertained and MORE!! 
When you're done, your totals are calculated and ready for the tax man. No muss, No fuss, No more going back through stacks and stacks of receipts trying to remember what you bought and how much it costs. AND with the help of this book you will have more time to entertain and enjoy your craft.
Make that commitment to start your new year off right by being more organized and having more time to do the fun things in life. Be sure and save your receipt from this book, because it’s ‘tax deductible’.
Click here to email Julie for my Entertainer's Record Keeper.
I now also accept Pay Pal and credit cards.

Entertainer's Record Keeper 

The Original SUPER CLOWN T-Shirt

Prices start at $15 for adult  T-shirt sizes S, M, L, XL plus shipping cost.
$18 for adult T-shirt sizes XL2, XL3, XL4, XL5 plus shipping cost.
Royal Blue, Neon Green or Neon Pink.
Logo color; Purple, Neon Pink or Neon Green. 

This is my newest SUPER CLOWN T-shirt design.......... RHINESTONE SUPER CLOWN!!!!
Rhinestone Ladies Black Fitted Shirts